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Postnatal care begins after birth and continues until your baby is 6 weeks old. I'll be there to support you through those first few weeks with your newborn. I can offer you flexible appointments and will be available to you between appointments via WhatsApp, email or telephone call, to answer those quick questions before they begin to spiral. Life with a new baby is full of awe and wonder but sometimes anguish too, as your whole world shifts, and you too have been reborn. The consistent support is fundamental for your integration back into the world, and for getting mothering, healing, and feeding off to a good start.

The postnatal care I offer is very comprehensive and every postnatal visit is tailored to your needs at that time, which may include: support with physical recovery from birth, emotional support and recovering, including birth debriefing, physical exemptions and wellbeing checks of your baby, including weighing, expert feeding support, advice and plans and, as always, individualised guidance for you and your family.

Schedule of Appointments (at the minimum)

Week 1

Up to daily visits. Daily postnatal check for you and your baby. Support with healing,  breastfeeding, cluster feeding, positioning and attachment. Newborn screening if applicable. 

Week 2

Visits every other day. Postnatal checks for you and your baby. Support with new baby care and support with registration of baby. Hand over to Heath Visitor if applicable. 

Weeks 3-4

Visits twice a week. Postnatal checks for you and your baby. Support with baby-wearing if you wish. 

Weeks 5-6

Visits once a week. Postnatal checks for you and your baby. Option of referral to postnatal physiotherapy (charges apply).

£1800 or included in Birth Package

Contact me for a free discovery call. 

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