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The full package of midwifery care. Taking you from conception, through to 6 weeks postnatal. Nurturing you and your family throughout the whole journey. 


Antenatal care tailored to you and your familys needs. Inclusive of antenatal examinations, blood pressure checks, urinalysis, fetal heart auscultation (from 16+ weeks) with a pinned or doppler, palpation and mapping of baby’s position and discussing care plans for pregnancy, birth or postnatal. Consultations take as long as you want, cover the content you desire, and are in your own home. If complexities arise, and you need additional checks, these will be included. This can work alongside NHS blood testing and scans or private testing can be organised. If any appointments with the consultant obstetrician at your chosen hospital are recommended I will organise these.

antenatal care
birth care


Your birth care is completely tailored to your preferences and can include all of the following should you choose to have them:

  • One to one, continuity of care from me

  • Use of a birth pool and associated accessories, such as a pool liner

  • Entonox (gas & air) as well as the associated accessories, such as a mouthpiece

  • There will be two midwives or a midwife and doula on call for your birth 24/7 from 37 weeks onwards

  • Aromatherapy oils

  • Use of a TENS machine

  • Immediate postnatal care for both mum and baby including feeding support

  • On call 24/7 for labour from 37 weeks of pregnancy.


Postnatal care begins after birth and continues for the first 6 weeks. Postnatal appointments are regular, unhurried and compassionate. Content varies hugely depending on your situation, but may include wellbeing examinations of yourself and your baby, advice on life with a newborn (including    baby-wearing!), support with feeding and caring for your baby, support with healing both emotionally and physically from birth, and lots of time spent answering queries and questions that come up during the rollercoaster of those first few weeks.  

postnatal care


Contact me for a free discovery call. 

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