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I believe that the journey of pregnancy and birth, through to motherhood is deeply transformative.


It can be joyful, empowering, messy, painful and beautiful. IMy role is to be there to offer you unwavering, authentic midwifery support throughout.



I will support you and your choices, with respect and without judgement, and provide information and evidence when called upon, so you can make choices that feel natural and powerful.

I can support you to hone your intuition and nurture your instincts. 


The International Confederation of Midwives state that midwifery has 'its roots in ancient wisdom and philosophies and maintains its contract with society in partnership with women and communities.' and this is the model and philosophy of midwifery care that I subscribe to, both of which you can find here.  I am hugely passionate about autonomy, and offer individualised midwifery care accordingly. From full continuity of care, which is to provide all of your antenatal care, attend your birth, and care for you and your baby postnatally, to a single appointment to support you with decision making, navigating the NHS, or in your wild pregnancy and freebirth. As a registered midwife, I promote and support physiology and I understand the holistic nature of childbearing. I will provide you with up to date, evidence-based, high quality and ethical care, supporting you to access additional care if you need it

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Hi, I'm Mollie.

I am an independent midwife, mother of one and a feminist. 

I am interested in birth as a rite of passage, and reclaiming sovereignty in birth. I am also passionate about breastfeeding, and access to good quality breastfeeding and postnatal support

I am currently also undertaking further study in breastfeeding to become an internationally recognised Lactation Consultant. I also work as a Social Media coordinator and steering group member of the Association of Radical Midwives.

Personally, I am a homebirther and aim to mother instinctively and respectfully. I like cooking, drinking tea, hot baths, the beach and swimming (sometimes at the beach - but rarely - midlands life!)

I am recently leaning into practicing creative hobbies, such as teaching myself to knit and scrapbooking.


My Credentials

I am a registered, qualified midwife, regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery council. I hold a BSc degree in Midwifery. I attend regular training updates, including practical training sessions on birth emergencies at home. I am also a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Zest Midwives. I am currently undertaking the Centre for Breastfeeding Education and Research's, Breastfeeding London Course to gain expert status in breastfeeding support. I have completed Rachel Reed's Reclaiming Childbirth Course and am a member of the Childbirth Collective, where I engage in workshops on midwifery practice and research evidence. I am a member of the Association of Radical Midwives, and attend their national meeting and conferences, to hear and learn from other experts in birth work. All of which enable me to offer gold standard continuity of care as an Independent Midwife in the UK.

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