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Care throughout your labour until after the birth of your baby. Available as part of the Complete Midwifery Care package. 

You can contact me during early labour for advice, support and a visit, if you wish. I will attend your birth when you ask me to and stay with you until your baby is born. After birth, I will stay with you for around 2-4 hours or for as long as you need me, before leaving you comfortable and settled with your new baby.  

On Call For You

From when you are 37 weeks pregnant, until the birth of your baby, I go on-call for you. This means I am available to you by telephone 24/7, and am ready to attend to you once you go into labour. 

Equipment Provided 

I can provide you with a birth pool, including accessories such as a liner and hose. I can provide you with comfort measures and pain relief including aromatherapy,  a TENs machine, a wooden comb and Entonox (gas and air).

Continuity of Care

I can offer you full continuity of care. A simple objective (it means having the same, known person caring for you through pregnancy and birth) known to have a huge effect, reducing risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, induction, instrumental birth, emergency cesarean section and more.

Wherever you Choose. 

Wherever you feel comfortable, I can support you. At home, I can support you by being the lead Midwife in your labour. In the hospital, I can support you as a Professional Midwifery Advocate.

Support from a second Midwife

If choosing to birth at home, we can arrange for a 2nd Midwife to also go on call for and attend your birth. She will act as support in whatever capacity is applicable, whether that is simply to briefly relieve me for a rest during a longer labour, or to support as an extra pair of hands if complexities arise. You will have the opportunity to meet her prior to your birth, to get to know one another. 

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